Whistleblowers can be compensated for reporting wrongdoing. HammondLaw is prepared to assist whistleblowers through the proper channels, including federal and state False Claims Act laws, the Dodd-Frank whistleblower program, and other regulatory measures.

Whistleblower Class Action Litigation

The firm understands the significant risks and high stakes of speaking up and acting as a whistleblower. Our team is prepared to provide whistleblowers with staunch legal support and the fullest protections offered by the law.

The firm’s experienced and award-winning attorneys are available to provide zealous legal representation for clients in whistleblower cases of all types and sizes across the United States.

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If you have knowledge of illegal conduct or fraud, you have rights and legal protections available to you so you can bring forward the truth. To discuss a potential whistleblower matter, contact our team today for a confidential consultation.