Companies collect, store, and sell more of your data than ever before. As the digital exchange of information is now ubiquitous, safeguarding the right to privacy has never been more crucial. Companies are responsible for keeping data safe, but consumers too frequently fall victim to privacy compromises and other unlawful disclosures of their private information.

Consumer Privacy and Data Breach Class Action Litigation

HammondLaw is at the forefront of consumer privacy and data breach class action litigation. When companies mishandle consumer data, unlawfully collect and disclose information, or fail to protect themselves against ransomware, our team gets results to hold them accountable.

Our dedicated team of legal experts litigates class action cases to empower consumers and send a clear message that privacy law violations will not be tolerated — no matter the industry. We have years of experience navigating consumer privacy laws and litigating class actions on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. HammondLaw is committed to representing consumers victimized by privacy law violations and data breaches to ensure that your rights are protected and respected.

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