When an employer fails to comply with wage and hour laws or commits other widespread misconduct, class actions are an effective and efficient vehicle for defending workers’ rights. Through class action litigation, employees can present the evidence necessary to prove that an employer has violated the law, potentially resulting in lasting changes to deter future violations.

Employment Law Class Action Lawsuit Litigation

HammondLaw believes employees deserve a fair and equitable working environment free from discrimination, wage violations, and other unlawful practices. Our team recognizes that successful employment law class actions require in-depth knowledge, resources, and skills to achieve. We pride ourselves on our exceptional record of litigating complex employment law class actions and reputation for excellence in safeguarding employee interests.

Our relentless efforts have secured substantial monetary recoveries and positive advances for thousands of wronged employees in cases related to:

  • Wage and hour law violations
  • Employee misclassification
  • Workplace discrimination

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